What are they thinking ??
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OK guys , this is a cool little game , all you gotta do is put words onto the band members mouth !!

If you have an idea of what they are saying E-mail me on
and i will add it to this page ! :)

Ha ha ha When Danny said He'd Streak , i didnt belive him,I was wrong! ! ! Andy Bradford age 11

AHHH HA HA HA ! Noel , where did you get that dress from it looks quite good on you ! Emily Davie age 9

Danny:This is fun your so week you cant fight back!
Noel: OWWW ! Please Please STOP !
Dane Bridges age 12

"I bet i could just about get that window ! "
Jade Bainer age 12 from Stoke

E-mail me on TVMADANDY@aol.com and tell me wich picture your going to comment on and i'll put it on this page.

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