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Kym Marsh

Full name: Kymberley gail Marsh

Age: 24

From: Wigan

Date and Place of Birth
13/6/1976, in Winston Hospital, Lancashire. Winston is Merseyside actually
Colour of eyes

The girl from Wigan is Sassy, Wickedly funny and with a powerful voice had everything needed to be in a band. has the Natural Talent.

Has 2 children (David age 5 and Emily age 3). Graduated from Elliott Clarke Theatre School and has sung backing vocals for "Mother Earth" she hates being away from her children

She want to be able to give her children a great life and buy her mum and dad a house where they can all live.
Kym has previously had chart hits back in 1997 with Solar Stone, who's single "Day by Day" reached around 80 in the top 100. She also featured on the group's single "Prayer" in 1998 (group was then known as Sebatu). She also has featured on tracks by 2dB this can be downloaded free from

Kym has a boyfreind,but thinks J from 5ive is sooo gorgeous. but 2 band mates she wont be dating are noel and Danny "it would be like kissing my brother"

Distinguishing Marks

I've got a beauty spot just above my lip, I've got a birthmark on my thumb, and I've got three tattoos
Favorites Pop Band
Favorite band with instruments

The Corrs
Favorite son
Back For Good by Take That or Top Of The World by The Carpenters
What was the first poster you put on your wall?

New Kids On The Block

First memory

My Auntie Dyliss used to have really long fingernails and I remember having a book open and I used to go along the words with her fingernail when I was about three or four

first record you brought
Hangin' Tough by New Kids On The Block

Favorite cartoon character
Bart Simpson

Favourite Catchphrase
Got any pies?

Teacher you had a crush on

A history teacher at Birchill High

Favourite body part
My back, it's got a brilliant tattoo on it

Favourite part of a man

The chest, I like a nice, comfy chest
What disappoints you most about men?
When they're with their friends they act all hard
If you would pass a new law, what would it be?

That nobody can say anything bad about anybody unless they rally really know them

Were you cool at school?
No! I always wanted to be tough!

Most snogs in one night
Ooh, dunno. About six

What makes you laugh?
Noel makes me laugh

Favorite pizza topping
Ham & mushroom with extra cheese

favorite sandwich filling
Tuna and mayonnaise

Secret ambition
Just to be really successful and bring up my kids

Ever broken the law?
Yes. I was 17, had a provisional license and drove my car by myself and got caught. I got six points and a‚£300 fine. Not good

What's the most you've spent on an item of clothing?
£500 on a coat

Who could you have in a showbiz fight?
Eminem, hahaha

What would you ban?
Smoking in your house. I can't stand it!

What's your idea of happiness?
Again, just being with my kids, and giving them the best so they don't ever have to struggle

Greatest fear
I'm going on about my kids again, but my greatest fear is that they would be affected by all of this. If that happened I'd stop i straight away

How would you like to die?
Quickly and painlessly! In my sleep

What would you change about something?
I'd like to be thinner

What qualities do you most vaule in a friend?
Honestly, loyalty and a good listener

If you could come back from the dead what would you be?
A dog, then I could just eat and sleep all day

Do you owned patterned socks?
Yes, I've got some Christmas socks with Christmas Trees on

Favourite Disney film
101 Dalmatians

Favourite place

What's the best advice you've ever been given?
Follow your dreams

Favourite film star
Jim Carrey makes my laugh

Male or Female company
Male, I've always been one of the lads

What sport are you best at?

What's the worst lyrics you've ever heard?
(singing) 'Monday, Monday, so good to me' because Monday's never good to me

What are Hear'say All about?:
"I know people say we're manufactured ,but it'll be great to show everyone what we are capable of doing. I think we will surprise allot of people"
Weird fact:

Kym sleeps with The TV & the lights on all through the night.

How does she cope with all the Media Attention?:
"you have got to stay positive and focused, Regardles of what people write or say about you"


NOEL is very funny. He sleepwalks and is really loud. Myleene is terrible at getting up. She is really cool. DANNY has no bad habits(!) He's strong, silent type who loves cleaning!! SUZY is so funny- she always mixes up her words, and never gets off the phone!

  Kym Gail Marsh

Kym And Jack Ryder

how did u meet? did you always fancy each other?

I always fancied jack anyway when he was on TV, but to be honest it was more a gradual thing. We sort of liked each other, but we were mates before anything else, he just split up with his girlfriend and I was talking to him bout it, and then the papers started going on about it, and our friendship grew into something else.

was it a big step to be pictured together at the soap awards?

it was yes, but we'd planned it

Did your children freak when you took jack home?

My little girl said "oh is that the boy from emmedale"

Is he an OLD 19 yr old and are you a YOUNG 25

to be honest I think its a bit of both.

is it important to date someone in the business?

No I think you should date whoever you like. But it is hard to find someone who likes you for who you are and not what you do, iv lost friends over this, because I haven't been able to trust them, that's really difficult., I was in love with a gye id been with for 18 months then we split. and he went and sold his story to a newspaper , you can think you know somebody and you suddenly realize you don't after all.

I was always weary of having a celebrity boyfriend, but I don't see jack as Jamie from east enders, I see him as jack, We certainly don't treat each other as celebrities.

You said your ideal man was George Cloony, there have been some changes since then

laughs, actually there have yah. threes not really much to tell at the moment

because its very early on and were only 4 weeks into the relationship. Yes he's not the usual type id go for, but I just fell for him and that was that. when people say what's your type? I don't think anybody's really got a type, you cant choose who you fall in love with.

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Kym Marsh & Jack Ryder
Just Think ! , if they marry it will be Kym Ryder !