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Danny Paul Foster

  Danny Foster

Hear'say - Danny
  Danny-Boy Full Name : Danny Paul Foster

Age: 21 From: Hackney, East London

Personality: Quiet and Smiley :)

Danny's the sensitive one out of the band, very shy,
He found the experience of POP STARS was very emotional at times.

he has appeared on Michael Barry moors my kind of people singing,,

he is know for his cheeky grin, Danny is a big fan of older women - but he claims not as much as band mate noel, "he'll properly deny it, but he told me he fancies Anne Robinson" laughs. "he also sleep walks"

Danny is in love - the lucky lady is called Chloe, and they have been together for 3 years.

With his first big pay cheque Danny would like to take his family on a really nice holiday''

Previous Jobs...

Just odd jobs, and I'd been to a few auditions.

When I heard I'd won...

I couldn't believe it. I said to Nicky, I didn't think I could do it. I thought I'd just take all the experience I'd had and use it for the next audition.

With my first pay cheque...
I'll treat my Nan and granddad because they've been so good to me.

What's been to the most emotional moment so far?

I didn't' realize how tearful I was until I watched myself on TV. My confidence was low and I didn't think I was going to make it.

Were you hurt by any of the judges criticisms?

Paul said that when I walk into the room it looks like I'm going to start a fight. I didn't know that! But he did say that when I start smiling it all changes.

What do you think of Darius?

He's really talented but I see him as a solo artist. I thought he was older than he said he was, he seems like he's had years of experience


MYLEENE is amazing. She is just brill at loads of stuff!! SUZANNE is very balanced, shes funny and quiet!! KYM is straight forward, I like that!!
NOEL is the impressionist, he is so funny. Hes my best mate and I've only been to his house once!!

Danny Foster says that his long-term girlfriend Chloe, has been receiving hate mail from obsessive fans. Danny says that Chloe became the target of jealous fans after making a brief appearance on the Pop stars show. " The letters that Chloe has been getting have been vicious" Danny says, " She is trying to cope with it but as you can imagine it isn't easy for her. She never asked to be in the public eye and she certainly never asked for this. It hasn't been great for her recently." The pair have been dating three years. Earlier this month police were called to investigate after Myleene also received hate mail. And this weekend it was revealed that the band have started to fear for their safety after intruders, believed to be stalkers, had breached security at their hideaway house.

DANNY FOSTER may have made his singing dreams come true by being in the band - but it also led to the pain of a broken relationship.

The star split with student Chloe Price, 19, last week after they decided it was just too tough to carry on given her studies and the time he has to devote to Hear'Say.

Speaking for the first time about why they separated, Danny, 21, says: "Chloe is doing a degree and she is really working hard and I don't think anyone could have imagined how big Hear'Say would go on to be.

"We used to see each other every day and it was really intense.

"Before we last got together, two weeks ago, I had not seen her for seven weeks.

"We have a month-long, 13-date nationwide stadium tour coming up from August and I'm not going to be having 'down time' until February or March.

"How can you be in a relationship and pencil in someone and say, 'I'll see you in March 2002'? It wouldn't be fair on that person."

Chloe is trying for a media studies degree at the University of Kent and Canterbury. Danny says they are still pals despite both being upset.

"She is still my best friend and that is how it will remain. It's not bitter and there is no one else involved," he explained.

"As to the future, who knows? Who would ever have guessed that I'd be in Hear'Say? I might start seeing someone else or she might meet someone else."

Even though being in the group has broken up his relationship, Danny believes he still could not contemplate doing anything else.

He says: "How could I not be happy doing my dream job?

"We're all determined to make this band work - it's not like we were in it for the telly show and one single and that's it. We're going to last a long time - we're all focused on doing that.

"We are already throwing around ideas about our tour and we have even started writing on a second album."

And he reckons that being in the group has changed him for the better.

He says: "I used to say it hadn't changed me but really I'd be lying.

"It has made me more confident and more independent.

"I went out and bought an iron for 65 because my nan said I had to buy a good iron.

"So now I iron my own clothes and I live in my own flat (shared with bandmate Noel) and I pay my own bills.

"I feel like I have grown up and become more responsible."

The cleaner-turned-pop star still finds it impossible to understand why fans scream at him.

Londoner Danny says: "I never looked for the fame thing. I do it because people said I could sing.

"When I'm walking down the street I'm always getting people saying, 'Hi, Dan' or asking for autographs or trying it on.

"I can cope with that because I have been on telly so people think they know me. But to have people screaming is weird because it's just me.

"If people really got to sit down and talk to us instead of screaming they'd say, 'Oh you're really normal' and they'd probably be disappointed

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