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Suzanne Christine Shaw
( Suzanne's original name was Suzanne Crowshaw )

Suzanne Shaw

Full name: Suzanne Christine Shaw

Age: 19

From: Bury in Lancashire

Talented, bright, Bouncy
Sings in an Abba tribute band with long blonde hair!

Suzanne is the youngest member of the group at only 19,Suzanne has appeared in various theatre and musical productions before the band she is is no stranger to performing to an audience.

Before PopStars she had spent the last 18 months singing in an ABBA tribute band, she's now

She has previously appeared in small parts in two hit BBC dramas - City Central and Holby City.

Suzanne has a b/f of 35 Andy warner of 18 months.

after a 5 year struggle with her weight, she used to have problems and wasn't happy, but she now has every reason to be happy, and her b/f has helped her.

she fancies Robbie Williams

Previous jobs...

I was in an Abba tribute band and did abit of acting too. I did Holby City, a childrens's program and a few commercials.

When I heard I'd won...

I was just thinking about the music and the fame and how I was going to cope. Until I walked through that airport, I had no idea how big the whole thing had got.

Have you been recognized yet?

Yes, this morning at the airport. This little girl was like 'mummy, it's the popstars' I was so chuffed I wanted to grab hold of her and give her a hug!

What's been the most emotional moment so far?

watching the show where we were told if we were in or not. It was such a happy time for us but so sad for the others. I know they're going to do well - I'm expecting a chart battle!
What's life like inside the popstars house?

It's wicked, we've all got really different personalities, but we don't clash. If there's an issue, we sit down and discuss it. There hasn't been an argument yet.

FACT: The Tattoo on her stomach is an ancient Japanese symbol meaning No.32 with fried rice

Suzy shaws secrets, things she loves and loaves about her body

Do you wear make up everyday?

yes. for the job I have to. on my days off I try not to , but as I don't have any days off then yes! I wish I didn't have to wear it, I don't even goto the shops without makeup on incase im photographed.

What beauty products do you swear by?

Anything I can get my hands on. I love ruby and Millie stuff.

Do you exercise much?

I goto the gym everyday,im getting to the point when I feel guilty when I don't go. you get addicted and it makes you feel so much better when you go- more vibrant, I go 9am-10am everyday then off to work. we are in the middle of our 36 tour , so im trying to loose weight for that. Mel c told us we must get fit for the tour else we will never get through it.

What parts of your body do you dislike?

I want to tone my bum up, and I hate my arms, I hate the top half of my body cos iv got big boobs, and I look broad and bulky, but I don't want to be flat chested.I want to come off my bum, tighs, and my arms,

Are you a generally healthy person?

I get a cold once a year and ital last for months, apart from that I am quite healthy, I take vitamins and cod liver oil, chocolate is my downfall though.

Would you ever have plastic surgery?

Not now but maybe when im older, my boyfriend had a nose job, he's got a Perfect nose now, he felt better inside for it, id rather be happy with the way I look then misserable. so if I wanted a cheek job, or nose job id have it!

Do you wear perfume if so which 1?

I can never find a perfume that is exactly right for me, but at the moment im wearing Moschino, I also like Hugo boss women, for night time wear I wear ghost.

What is your beauty tip for looking good?

steaming your face I Borrow my flat mates facial steamer and it works wonders.


'Noel is the joker. He's very comical and constantly has you in stitches. He does impressions all the time. Danny was quiet at first but now he's started mucking about. Kym is very straightforward - she would stick up for all of us. She is very protective. She used to have smelly feet - my pet hate! - but she doesn't any more. Her trainers stank, but she has chucked them now and got new ones. Myleene is the organizer. She keeps us level-headed. They've all got the kind of qualities you'd
like in yourself. If you could roll them into one they would be the perfect person.

Suzanne ~ Suzanne ~ Suzanne ~ Suzanne

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